Vision, Mission and Core Values

When Jack Wilson founded Wilson Transformer Company in 1933, he had a vision to establish a high performing business that invested in its people, technology, assets and processes.

Today, after more than 80 years WTC has these same values that have differentiated us from others, not just in Australia but internationally. Please find our Vision, Mission and Core Values below.

Our Vision:

 Zero Harm, Zero Waste, Complete Customer Satisfaction . . . Always

Our Mission:

Our mission is to build world-class transformer solutions that meet the requirements of our customers and deliver superior value through quality, reliability, safety and technical leadership.

We will achieve our mission by continuing to:

  • Invest in our people, technology, assets and processes
  • Improve our safety and environmental practices
  • Utilise our capability, expertise and experience to enhance our 
global presence
  • Partner with organisations who share similar core values that 
support our commitment to complete customer satisfaction


Our Core Values:


Demonstrate care for each other, the Company, the environment, our customers, suppliers and the community at all times. Consider others when making decisions.

 Customer Focus

Understand our customers (both internal and external) so that we can help them succeed.

 Valuing People

Develop all employees to achieve their full potential in an empowered environment.


Earn trust and respect by doing what you say with open and honest communication.


Demonstrate enthusiasm, flexibility and responsiveness to achieve quality outcomes. 


Demonstrate technical, operational and commercial leadership. Challenge the present state by proposing, developing and implementing new and approved methodologies and ideas.


 Maintain a focus on cost, quality, delivery and continuous improvement.


Encourage cohesiveness and enhance team work by aligning goals and openly sharing knowledge and information.